Sunlift Mini

Patient Lifts

The SUNLIFT range consists of 4 models: MICRO, MINI, MIDI and MAJOR. All models feature exceptional
rigidity thanks to the advanced design of all of the moving connections, eliminating play and offering a rigid
feel with the hoist fully loaded. Actuators incorporate a double security button, light indicator of the battery
charge level and an acoustic warning before total discharge happens. The battery capacity (2.9 Amph) provides
a range of use at 50% higher than usual, allowing 60 double uses (up and down).



Ideal for domestic use

The Sunlift Mini Hoist is very easy to handle and
has the lifting capacity required to cover the
patient needs in the domestic care.
It is suitable specially for who require a
lightweight and easy to transport hoist, or need
to move around confined spaces.


• Power hoist
• 130kg safe working load
• Maximum height: 161cm
• Minimum spreaded bar height: 46cm
• The legs can be opened to enable access around very
wide furniture like sofas or wheelchairs


Leg’s opening

The legs of all the Sunlift Hoists can be easily opened and closed simply by pressing
the ergonomical foot pedal. This provides easy access to wheelchairs, toilets, etc.
The fully closed legs provide easy access through narrow doorways or tight spaces.

Security spreader bar

The spreader bars are covered with nonslip material and feature crossed
hooks that secure the strap of the sling


Ergonomic and nonslip push handles

The ergonomic design and nonslip material of the push handles allow for a more comfortable transfer from different positions. It is covered with nonslip material and has ergonomical shape.

Emergency stop button

The red emergency stop button is located at the front of the integrated battery charger box and is activated by
pressing in. This will cut all power to the hoist. It gives a warning sound before the battery is discharged.