GoTo Seat

Families worldwide use their GoTo seats on shopping carts, swings and granny’s dining chairs. A GoTo makes your daily tasks easier and keeps your little one involved.

And now this popular support seat has dozens of upgrades as requested by parents and therapists. Our updated GoTo design features improved lateral support, a choice of headrest and an optional floorsitter accessory.

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Product Description

GoTo Seat Features & Benefits

Your ideas made this GoTo seat happen. When we asked for feedback, we got brilliant suggestions from parents and therapists.

Our designers turned those ideas into an advanced GoTo Seat with increased and adjustable support, a bigger size range and tons more upgrades.

Adjustable Laterals

The GoTo seat now caters for more sizes and adjusts to suit your child. The laterals move high, low, wide or narrow to give a reassuring ‘hug’, while the head support slides up and down to the ideal height. It keeps kids happy, safe and comfy.

Functional Floorsitter

Attach this Floorsitter to your GoTo Seat to use it on any flat and stable surface.

This optional accessory puts your youngster at the heart of the fun, letting them play on the floor with pals, enjoy picnics in the park and sit wherever suits them. So now wherever you go, your GoTo goes.

Standard or Advanced Headrest?

Head control varies for every child, so the new GoTo Seat gives you more options.

Pick a standard headrest for simple contoured comfort, or – if your child needs more help with their head control – you might choose the advanced headrest, which offers more sculpted support.

GoTo Seat Size Guide

GoTo Seat Seat base to top of headrest Max (mm/inches) Seat base to top of headrest Min (mm/inches)  Lateral support width Max (mm/inches)  Lateral support width Min (mm/inches) Seat Depth (mm/inches)  Max Weight (kg/lbs) Age Range (approx)
Size 1 540/21 380/14 260/10 190/7.5 175/7 15/33* 1-3 years
Size 2 680/27 510/20 300/12 210/8 244/9.5 30/66** 3-8 years

If a child is above 13kg/28.5lbs GoTo cannot be used in a shopping trolley.

Size 2 GoTo seats are too large for use in shopping trolleys.


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