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We believe that every child is precious, and nothing should prevent him or her from being able to flourish. This is why Paediatric Seating Solutions Pte Ltd was formed with the desire to be an enabling force; a team of professionals specialising in paediatric needs who possess countless years of experience working with special needs organizations and stakeholders.

We also understand that every child is different; and in paediatrics this translates to equipment being tailored to the unique needs of every individual child. With access to a wide spectrum of top-of-the-line equipment from the most respected manufacturers in the industry, we spare no effort in ensuring that every child is able to reach his or her fullest potential.

Whether be it solutions regarding seating, standing, walking or mobility ……

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We believe in doing business with a heart and are committed to provide honest advice so that your little one gets the best care possible.

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Paediatric Seating Solutions, is a trusted partner for all your paediatric seating needs

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