Portable Toilet Seat

The GottaGo is a light-weight, portable toilet seat for children with special needs. Complete with seat, frame, potty, backpack and toileting guide.

Toilet Time Made Easy, Home and Away

GottaGo is an innovative, portable toilet seat which makes toilet training easier for families of children with special needs. It is a lightweight seat that creates a supported squat posture which makes for easier, more efficient toileting, wherever you may be.

It all packs into an easy to carry backpack and is so simple to set up – taking the stress out of toilet trips for families on the go. The GottaGo allows families the consistency they need for toilet time success.







The Benefits of GottaGo

Portable and height adjustable

Making GottaGo suitable for any environment at home or away.

Supported Squat Position for Easier Toileting

Adjustable back, lateral and foot support enhance the squat posture for better function on the toilet.

Secure Fit

Snug “hug like” fit that provides support to a wide range of kids, with warm- touch materials that are great for any sensory issues.

Room to Grow

One frame works for both sizes of seat, with adjustable seat depth there is room for your little one to grow with their GottaGo.

What makes a GottaGo?

As well as your portable toilet seat, you will receive the following items with your GottaGo:

Gotta Go Size Guide

GottoGo Portable Toilet Seat Size 1 Size 2
Age (approx.) 2-5 years 4-9 years
Hip Width 22.5cm/8.8in 27cm/10.6in
Minimum Seat Depth 22cm/8.6in 29cm/11.4in
Backrest incline angle (forward) 25°
Thigh angle (off horizontal) 40° 40°
Backrest height Weight  24cm/9.4in 36cm/14.1in
Weight (seat and frame) 5.8kg/12.7lbs 6.1kg/13.4lbs

Frame Size Guide

Frame folded size 49 x 57 x 19cm/19.2 x 22.4 x 7.4in
Frame floor footprint 52 x 72 cm/20.4 x 28.3in (at max height)
Frame floor footprint 40cm/15.7in
Maximum user weight 30kg
Height (lowest part of the seat 1 – 30cm/11.8in

2 – 46cm/18.1in

3 – 53cm/20.8in