GyroSet™ Vigo

GyroSet™ Vigo

Meet the future of wheelchair head control


The smoothest proportional head control available on the market

Wireless Bluetooth technology

Computer mouse mode is available now!

Extremely short training period required

Customizable settings (all angles and sensitivity) for each individual’s needs in the free software

Built-in emergency stop functions

Up to 14 hours battery life

“I’m getting on fantastic with the Vigo. It’s so much nicer not having a sore chin and not having the big lump in my face… But actually apart from anything else, it’s fun!”

Luke R. – Beta user

C4 quadriplegic, motorcycle accident

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Compatible with PG’s OMNI, OMNI 2 and IOM Module

Super sensitive – use it even with the smallest head movements

Works with any external switch you prefer, but our Headrest Sensor is included in the kit

Re-calibrate neutral position any time

Access seating, speed and profile menu with the infrared sensor, adjust each setting easily

Activate – deactivate drive mode easily

Giving back mobility to patients with

Spinal cord injuries



Muscular dystrophy

Multiple Sclerosis

and many more.


Compatible with any device that supports USB HID, including MAC, WIN, Android, and iOS computers and tablets

Switch easily between drive and mouse mode

Clicking made simple and hygienic with the infrared Gesture Sensor, just wink or move your cheek

Free software available from our website

Quick and effortless typing with the virtual keyboard

Connect to multiple devices with additional BLE dongles (coming soon)