Urethane Foam Chair with Gentle Hold & Support

Gravity Chair is the chair totally filled with urethane foam.
Soft and elastic urethane foam and our seating technique of 30 years’ development hold and support you gently. The present Gravity Chair is its 4th generation after the continuous improvement.
It’s our ultra-long seller which supports the smiles of children in 28 countries.

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Two Versions Available


For users who emphasize to prevent getting stuffy.

The seat cover is made of two combined materials which realize superb breathability as well as dirt-free. For further need to keep it dry, built-in cooling fan can be installed.

Wipe-Down (PU leather)

For users who emphasize to prevent dirt or odor.

The seat cover is made of soft and comfortable synthetic leather; a special material which is waterproof to prevent dirt or odor, but breathable to keep it from getting stuffy.


User-Friendly Design

Ready to use, easy to carry.
User- and the family-friendly chair.

We focused on developing Gravity Chair as handy and portable as possible because we wish you use it every day and everywhere. It’s ready to use when you purchase without detailed adjustment. It’s light enough to move in the room or carry it outdoor easily. Gravity Chair is designed to be not only user- but also family-friendly.

1 Main Unit

Made of appropriately soft and elastic urethane foam with superb breathability.

2 Headrest

Large and stable 3-D shape.

3 Seat Liner

5 Colors to choose. It improves the fitting to the body.

4 Belt Holder

Belt Holder Rubber Cord keeps the strap from dropping on the seat while sitting on.

5 Side Pocket

Handy to keep book, towel or small belongings.

6 Wedge Mat

Makes sitting angle adjustable with inserting it under the chair. Anti-slippers are attached at upper and lower ends to hold the angle against the movement.

Adjustable Seat Angle

Wedge Mat enables optimal seat angle.

The optimal position is which your head is stable and easy to control without collapse of whole body balance. Let’s find it out with utilizing gravity.


Colors at Your Choice

Choose your favorite seat liner from five colors.

Please choose one according to the user’s preference, room interior or season. You can purchase liners of different colors The Seat Liner makes you feel your body fit to Gravity Chair better. The material is 3-D mesh fabric with superb breathability.