World-leading car seat for children with special needs

Child Seat Made by Automotive Factory

The real car seat, designed, engineered and manufactured by automotive factory.

Carrots are produced at the factory who is making real automobile seating for major Japanese car brand. Conforming to both EU (ECE R44/04) and the U.S.(FMVSS 213), moreover, Carrot-3 has passed multiple levels of severe crash tests with from 15kg to 75kg dummies.



Selected Materials

Superb Breathability of OXY-max® Fabric

OXY-max®, a 3D mesh structured fabric is applied to the backrest and seat covers where tend to get sweaty and stuffy. Its outstanding breathability to quickly release the moisture makes CARROT 3 suitable for long drive.

Elaborated Functions

We pursue the usability with keeping the degree of safety.

Smooth Reclining

CARROT 3’s backrest reclines following the vehicle’s seat.

Easy & Quick Straps Adjustment

CARROT 3’s five support straps of the seating system is adjustable at one place.

Easy Installation on Various Seats

CARROT 3 can be installed in various seats and vehicles e.g. passenger seats, school bus, aircraft etc.

3 Colors at Your Choice

You can choose the body from red, blue or black.


Optional Accessories

Transforming Car Seat According to Needs and Growth

CARROT 3 is a child seat for long term use, according to special needs and physical growth. Without replacing the seat, you can rearrange to fit it with the adjustment function and adding optional accessories.

Options And Accessories