PivotFit™ Shoulder Harness

More grime-resistant, sleeker H-harness design distributes pressure across 25% more surface area for better fit and comfort

Body-contouring shape and curve-hugging laminar padsTM provide targeted support where it’s needed most

Choose the dynamic version for patented dual-zone elasticity or the standard version for spinal curvature or trunk rotation.



Product Description

Distributing pressure across a 25% greater surface area than a traditional H-style harness, the PivotFit™ Shoulder Harness has a body-contouring shape for optimal support and a comfortable fit. Curved Laminar™ pads follow the contours of the shoulders and ribcage, with a low-placed sternum strap to reduce the risk of strangulation while providing easy adjustability. The carefully-engineered new swivel buckle is twice as strong as competitive models and allows for precise pad placement for an individualized fit.

Available in a non-stretch version for more aggressive control, and a dynamic version which allows controlled movement to reduce spastic tone.

The Bodypoint difference is in the details
•Sleek sewing construction is easy to clean
•Elimination of lower D-ring prevents hot spots at the ribcage
•High-strength swivel buckle equalizes tension without causing bunching-up
•Easy-to-tighten sternum strap accommodates clothing changes and ensures a snug fit

As always, a pelvic support should be worn with an anterior support product.