24 hour posture management has been discussed and developed since the 1980s, but here it is a innovative approach and not commonly used. Similarities between lying and sitting postures are frequently seen, but are often not completely understood and addressed in the process of planning seating interventions. Once the power of gravity on the human body is understood, it becomes clear that intervention in their 24 hour activities is necessary.
This workshop will support risk identification, evidence and knowledge to guide a 24 hour postural management approach, including education in practical strategies for implementation. Hands-on practice with therapeutic positioning equipment will offer experience in planning night-time postural care interventions that will support successful daytime seating outcomes.

• Introduction to the concepts, evidence and research of 24 hour posture management/care
• Understand the difference between destructive and supportive postures
• Understand how lying position, gravity and time can influence the pelvis, hips, rib cage and spine
• Highlight the predictable and potentially reversible nature of body shape changes
• Demonstrate ability to carry out therapeutic positioning in lying
• Prescription of supported lying products – from low tech/informal solutions to configured/formal equipment


Joana Santiago completed her training in Occupational Therapy in Portugal in 2004. Her initial clinical experience enabled her to work closely with a diverse range of clients with neurological and traumatic injuries. She is passionate about Seating and Positioning and understands how comprehensive postural management can have a strong influence on functionality, health and the ability to lead a positive lifestyle. Over the past 10 years Joana has worked within the Assistive Technology industry in 5 different countries and takes pride in her flexible ability to reach good clinical outcomes by considering the individual, cultural and social needs of those she works with. She is now based in Australia as a Clinical Business Development for Medifab where she is able to have a positive influence on the development, supply and training of their extensive range of products. Joana has presented internationally, including at the European Seating Symposium, Oceania Seating Symposium, Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference, Asia-Pacific Occupational Therapy Congress and nationally at different in-services to seating clinics, at the Australian Assistive Technology Conference and at ATSA Independent Living EXPO.