Zippie® GS™

Growth and versatility wheelchair that keeps up with busy kids

Named for its built-in growth system, the Zippie® GS offers frame and component growth, standard and reverse wheel configurations, and folding and rigid frame wheelchair options to keep up with children’s ever-changing lives!



Product Description

Growth Capabilities

The GS was designed to accommodate the changes your child may experience throughout the life of the wheelchair. Both the rigid and folding frames and the versatile growing seat pan allow for up to 2″ of width growth and up to 4″ of depth growth! Adjustable components including armrests and legrests maintain proper positioning during development.

Folding and Rigid Frame Options

No two families are identical. To accommodate differing priorities and lifestyles, the GS kids wheelchair is available with a folding frame or a rigid frame. The folding frame is a good choice for families needing to store the wheelchair in a vehicle or in tight spaces at home. With fewer moving parts, the rigid frame option requires the least amount of propulsion effort and offers the lowest overall weight.



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