Scooot Seat

Scooot is a configurable 4-in-1 mobility rider designed to help children with special needs play, explore and participate in a way that best suits their physical and cognitive abilities.

It’s hard to watch your child sit-out the fun stuff if they have mobility problems, but it is tough being their arms and legs all day too. Scooot gives you both a little freedom.

Scooot provides an early experience of independence for lots of kids with mobility challenges. It frees them to explore their home, play with pals, chase big brothers and race little sisters without any help.

Our expert clinicians, designers and engineers worked hard to create a device that helps kids discover new skills as well as new pals. The potential for physical and cognitive development was a key factor in every element of the design.


Scooot Seat Features & Benefits

Scooot’s 4-in-1 design means 4-times the fun and 4-times as many chances to fulfil potential. Scooot has four cool configurations: Scooot, Ride, Pooosh and Crawl. Different configurations for different abilities and different ways to play.


Scooot lets kids sit upright to move around using their feet.

Supported by a lap belt and backrest, the child’s trunk and pelvis are encouraged to stabilise, freeing up their hands to lift and handle objects, play with family, and explore their surroundings.


Ride lets kids propel themselves around the floor by moving the wheels with their hands.

Having fun in this function can build upper body strength, whilst exploration and participation can improve spatial awareness as well as cognitive, sensory and communication abilities.


Pooosh lets somebody else do the hard work. If your child isn’t ready to propel themselves yet (or they’re just tired), attach the Pooosh handle.

It’s a cool way to get your little one used to the whole idea of Scooot. And it means parents and therapists can help them follow the fun at home, school or therapy sessions.


Crawl allows kids to move and explore on their tummy, helping to strengthen their upper body and tummy muscles as they lift their heads and shoulders

  Advanced Backrest

For added support in Scooot, the Advanced Backrest Cushion helps. It’s an optional extra that gives a supportive ‘hug’ to your child’s trunk. The laterals move up and down to give support where it’s needed. Or remove them and just have an extra-comfy cushioned backrest.

The Advanced Backrest Cushion is easy to attach, wash, and can be bought separately.