Pediatric Thumb Splint

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McKie Thumb Splint Features

All McKie Thumb Splints and Supinator Straps are made of washable, 1.5 mm fabric-covered neoprene. Outer fabric is looped Nylon which allows attachment of hook tape anywhere on the splints . All splints are available in 6 colors, black, navy blue, red, royal blue, pink and tan. “Decorated” splints are available in sizes P4, P5 and P6.

How It Works

Neurological/ Developmental Deficits
•The thumb is drawn into opposition. The splint pulls in the same direction as muscle attached to the thumb.
•Because active, opposed grasp is supported, the potential for acquisition of abnormal, compensatory grasp patterns is diminished.
•The neoprene is only 1.5mm and coverage of the palm is minimal, thus adequate space is left in the hand to manipulate and explore objects.
•Normal hand use and development is thus not thwarted by the splint itself.
•For weakness and hypermobility at the M-P joint, strap placement at the head of the metacarpal will block hyperextension.



Product Description

Product details
•Sized to fit children from infancy to about 8-10 years (6 sizes)
•Stream-lined design dynamically assists grasp.
•Minimal palmar coverage allows the hand to function more normally, to feel and to manipulate objects.
•Made from 1.5 mm washable nylon-covered neoprene
•The smooth side nylon is worn against the skin. The outer fabric is a closed loop Nylon fabric which allows attachment of the hook tape anywhere on the splint thus making it adaptable to a variety of applications.
•Latex free and available in 6 colors
•Extra hook tape is available for purchase. Velcro® brand tape as well as other brands of hook tape are used in the manufacture of the McKie thumb splint.
•Custom options include custom sizing, widened web space, longer strapping and plastic web stay.

Sizing for Adults and Children

To assure the best fit, use of a sizing kit is strongly recommended. If a sizing kit is unavailable, follow the directions below. Neonatal sizes are suitable for very small or prematurely born infants. Pediatric sizes are suitable for children from about 3 months to 6-10 years. Older children and adults need adult sizes. When figuring sizes, it is important to use a centimeter tape measure.

How to Determine Thumb Splint Size

1. Measurement A

Measure to the 1/10th of a centimeter the circumference of the far or distal thumb joint.

2. Measurement B

Measure to the 1/10th of a centimeter the distance on the palm from the distal thumb joint to the center of the wrist crease.

3. Refer to Chart

On the appropriate chart (see links below), find the the square where Measurement A and Measurement B meet. The square should fall within a bold area corresponding to the correct size. If Neonatal use only Measurement A an Neonatal Sizing and refer to the neonatal chart for neonatal sizing.

Example: If Measurement A = 5.2 centimeters and Measurement B = 6.0 centimeters, then splint size = P5
•Adult Sizing Chart ?
•Pediatric Sizing Chart ?
•Neonatal Size Chart ? Use only Measurement A. Refer to the neonatal chart for neonatal sizing.

4. Record Sizes

Note splint size and left or right hand, as this is required when ordering. If ordering offline, the catalog # for the above example would be P5-L (left hand) or P5-R (right hand).