Leg Harness

A unique Bodypoint design, our leg harness provides full range of motion for the pelvis while helping the user sit back in the chair for postural support

Supports efficient self-propulsion and sports

Secure but unobtrusive support at the inner thigh

Avoids bladder pressure



Product Description

Hip extensor thrust controlling Leg Harness

Inspired by a therapist’s desire for a 5-point harness, the Leg Harness is the go-to solution for people that tend to slide out of their chairs, thrust or have spasticity. It wraps each leg from the rear of the seat, to the inner side of the thigh at the front of the chair. This increases the surface area applied by the user for more contact area leading to greater resistance. The harness has a unique, user-friendly design so that correct use is almost foolproof and it can be used with or without a pelvic belt depending on the specific need. This is a great alternative to a groin strap. Sold as a pair.


Maximum length 95cm (37 1/2 in), minimum length 90cm (35 1/2 in), pad width 4cm (1 1/2 in), pad length 23cm (9 in)


Maximum length 112cm (44 in), minimum length 103cm (40 1/2 in), pad width 4.5cm (1 3/4 in), pad length 33cm (13 in)


Maximum length 127cm (50 in), minimum length 114.5cm (45 in), pad width 5cm (2 in), pad length 38cm (15 in)