Lightest Ramp In The World*
As a leading manufacturer of wheelchair ramps, we have been able to utilize our weight reduction, safety, security and design technologies to develop the Dun-Slope AiR, the lightest ramp in the industry. *When comparing seven sizes of Dun-Slope AiR(100-285cm) to other company ramps of similar sizes on sale in Japan (in-house survey, August 2017)

We use high-quality, special carbon fibers, of the type used in racing cars and the aviation industry. We also use simulation technology to design a light-weight and highly robust hollow structure.


Improved Safety

The 3cm edge reduce the risk of veering off the ramp. Protective rubber reduces the risk of getting fingers caught when folding the ramp.
The positioning mark at the upper end of the ramp ensures safety.

Improved Maintainability

Can be more easily repaired by users.
Not only the surface is adhered in section for easy maintenance, the handle is screwed in for easy replacement. Also, the rubber on the upper and lower ends is attached with double-sided tape for easy replacement.


Detailed Information and Specifications