4th & 5th DECEMBER 2018


Workshop Information

1. Fundamental principles and bio mechanics of seating – understanding common postural deviations and the consequences of poor postural management
2. Practical considerations and strategies to increase postural support and balance to facilitate for function
3. The importance of head positioning as part of the process
4. SPEX seating range – from the latest updates to clinical applications


Positioning and posture underpin the ability to function and access the environment.

We know that sustained poor positioning can have severe and life-threatening complications for those who have a limited ability to change position. 24-hour posture management is an intervention which aims at preventing or reducing secondary complications resulting from poor posture, aims at improving function, improving comfort and ultimately improving quality of life. Prescribing rehab equipment to cover the 24h of the day is paramount to protect body shape and increase functional outcomes. With this intermediate level workshop, we aim to support therapists in developing assessment and prescription strategies to clinically address postural and positioning needs of those they work with. We will use evidence-based knowledge and best practices applied to seating, lying and standing process, from the postural assessment to the final product selection. We will facilitate the learning process by using problem solving strategies and analyzing real case studies.

If this sounds like a good opportunity for you to expand your knowledge, improve your clinical assessment and prescription skills, and ultimately build up your confidence, book your place now!

Learning objectives:

  • Comprehend how the provision of a 24-hour Posture Management programme may prevent body shape distortion
  • Understand the biomechanics of seating, lying and standing
  • Expand your clinical assessment skills & prescription strategies
  • Learn strategies for balancing postural and functional goals
  • Recognize how the provision of supported seating, lying and standing equipment benefits clients, parents and caregivers
  • Develop practical skills to put the knowledge presented into clinical practice


Joana Santiago
Clinical Business Development

Joana completed her degree in Occupational Therapy in Portugal and soon developed a passion for Posture Management and Wheelchair Seating & Positioning. With 15 years of experience, most of them dealing with clients with complex postural needs, Joana takes pride in her flexible ability to reach good clinical outcomes by considering the individual, cultural and social needs of those she works with. Joana has worked in several countries around the World and is now based in Australia as a Clinical Educator for Medifab where she is able to have a positive influence on the development, supply and training of their extensive range of products.

Joana has presented internationally, including at the European Seating Symposium (ESS), Oceania Seating Symposium (OSS), Asia-Pacific Occupational Therapy Congress and Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference (CSMC) and throughout Australia at in-services to seating clinics, ATSA Independent Living Expo, Assistive Technology Conference of Queensland (ATQ) and Australian Assistive Technology Conference (ARATA).


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