Workshop Information

1. Fundamental principles and biomechanics of seating – understanding common postural deviations and the consequences of poor postural management
2. Practical considerations and strategies to increase postural support and balance to facilitate for function
3. The importance of head positioning as part of the process
4. SPEX seating range – from the latest updates to clinical applications


Bruce Mascull
Business Development

Bruce contributes a trilogy of sound knowledge, innovation and great customer relationships. Bringing 17 years of experience helping people with disabilities to reach their comfort and functional goals, he has a solid understanding of the CRT industry coupled with the effort and grit required to build business and meet the daily demands of customers, dealers and fellow employees. Bruce has completed over 110 public speaking forum presentations/workshops to therapists with an invaluable and easy to understand approach to obtain improved posture and function in minimal time.

Joana Santiago
Clinical Business Development

Joana completed her training in Occupational Therapy in Portugal in 2004. Her initial clinical experience enabled her to work closely with a diverse range of clients with neurological and traumatic injuries. She is passionate about Seating and Positioning and understands how comprehensive postural management can have a strong in?uence on functionality, health and the ability to lead a positive lifestyle. Over the past 10 years Joana has worked within the Assistive Technology industry in 5 di?erent countries and takes pride in her ?exible ability to reach good clinical outcomes by considering the individual, cultural and social needs of those she works with.


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